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When accuracy and simplicity count.

Infinity CAD Systems is an emerging player in the international field of Prosthetic CAD/CAM System design and manufacturing. Our application of the most cutting-edge, high-end CAD/CAM technology easily differentiates ICS from all others competing in the field.

ICS is on the threshold of developing a world-class prosthetic CAD/CAM system that will serve as the standard of excellence for all successful prosthetic practitioners. Our comprehensive system of prosthetic automation services is the cost-effective solution to dramatically increasing professional efficiency and productivity without sacrificing the convenience of user-friendly technology and reliable customer support.


Used for inputting prosthetic device coordinates and digital information. Excellent measuring with simple interface. Precision, function, and ease of use make the Infinity AutoDigitizer the most practical and useful input device for your CAD/CAM system. More details

It is a non-contact laser scanner, designed for prosthetic practitioners. Producing prosthetic and orthotic 3-D images for below-knee and above knee amputations; spinal jackets, cranial helmets, AFOs and Upper Extremity. More details

Utilizes the digital information generated by the AutoDigitizer and AutoSculpt products to expertly carve the form. Turn it on, load the blank, position the offset, and let the AutoSculpt carve models to precision's you have not seen before. More details

Leading edge software used for the sculpting of the prosthetic tio custom fit to the patients exact needs. Highly flexible and accurate. Make models from digitized or library stored shapes. Manage, manipulate, and print information about patients, models, components, anything you want, easily and quickly. More details

When accuracy and simplicity count.

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