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AutoCarver prosthetic device

Infinity's AutoCarver is unsurpassed in function and aesthetics.

It has a larger carving capacity than its predecessors, and can carve at resolutions so fine the milling lines actually disappear. The 4000 rpm spindle makes quick work of foam or plaster blanks, while the vacuum system pulls dust and debris safely and cleanly away for easy waste disposal.

Turn it on, load the blank, position the offset, and let the AutoSculpt carve models to precision's you have not seen before.

AutoCarver Features:

  • Touch-Screen Operation
  • 22" x 32" carving capacity
  • Stainless Steel, illuminated carving cavity
  • User controlled offset positioning
  • Quiet Operation Self-Serviceable
  • 1/8", 1/16", 1/32", 1/64" pitch carving
  • Sealed membrane switches
  • Full Distal end carving

AutoCarver Benefits:

  • Space-saving design - sets flat against the wall of your lab
  • Works independent from your Workstation for improved productivity
  • Improved speed and carving quality through the more functional and sophisticated Stand-alone Controller
  • Network Capable


AutoCarver prosthetic carving machine

When accuracy and simplicity count.

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