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Infinity AutoScanner prosthetic deviceAutoScanner prosthetic device

AutoScanner instantly acquires prosthetic 3-D surfaces by gathering measurements made by smoothly sweeping a handheld laser scanning wand. Practitioners can scan AK's / BK's / AFO's / Body Jackets / Head / Hands.

AutoScanner is built on reflection technology. A laser beam emitted through the handheld laser wand determines the scanning surface coordinate position. The computed points of data form a 3-D image of the scanned prosthetic shape.

Hi-Tech Laser Scanning

Thanks to the cutting edge, laser reflection technology used in AutoScanner, the collection of scanned surface data points will be hundreds of thousands per second, ensuring that the scanning process is fast reliable and accurate.


AutoScanner is portable, and light weight. Its compact design gives practitioners the freedom to service their patients in other medical facilities.


AutoScanner software uses varioius scientific formulas to calculate non-scanned data points, hence it forms a fine, high resolution 3-D prosthetic image.

Flexibility while Scanning

AutoScanner technology has made scanning so easy that even if a patient moves or changes position while scanning, there is no need to abort the scanning operation. AutoScanner recognizes the current position and continues collecting surface data points.

AutoScanner Overview

AutoScaner is must-have Scanner for practitioners, because of the following advantages:

Resolution : Scanning rate 50 lines/second.
Resolution depends on wand-object range typically 0.02 inches at 8 inches, 0.04 inches at 2 inches/second
File format : Compatible to most of O&P Industry standards, (.3ds, .txt, .dxf, .lwo, .mat, .stl, .wrl, .obg, .iv, .vtk) etc.
Range : Up to 0.75m or 75cm (30 inches)
Accuracy : 1mm at 200mm (0.04 inches at 8 inches) range
Operating temp : -5 to + 50 Celsius
Operating power :120 to 240 V AC
Electronic Unit : 11.0 inches L x 11.4 inches W x 3.6 inches H
Laser wand - 230mm (9 inches) length
Laser 670nm, 1mW, Class II
Optional Laser Wand – 368.3 mm (14.5 inches) in length
USB Interface
Computer : Minimum 2 GHZ speed, 512 RAM, more is needed for larger data sets, Windows 2000, XP
AutoScanner Features

AutoScanner is one of the scanning devices of Infinity Prosthetic CAD Systems. It is a non-contact laser scanner, designed for prosthetic practitioners. The following are a few main features of AutoScanner:

Endless Possibilities : AutoScanner produces prosthetic and orthotic 3-D images for below-knee and above knee amputations; spinal jackets, cranial helmets, AFOs and Upper Extremity.
Landmarks : AutoScanner’s optical stylus can make landmark over the scanned prosthetic and orthotics 3-D surfaces. Laser line can be modified into optical Stylus.
Laser wand moves in all axis, scans while the object on move
Optional dual camera laser wand available to enhance the accuracy of the system
Designed for free operation.
Symmetrical build : AutoScanner has hemi-sphere (symmetrical build) capability, using this feature practitioners can generate un-scanned prosthetic and orthotics shapes.
3D Tools : Point cloud, wire frame, flat or smooth surface. Rotate, Zoom, center scan scaling, direct linear measurement, and selectable resolution.
AutoScanner Advantages

AutoSculpt is must-have Scanner for practitioners, because of the following advantages:

Comfortable Scanning : Scanning process is fast and flexible, produces instantaneous accurate 3-D images.
Portability : AutoScanner is easy to carry, easy to setup and easy to scan, very little time required to setup and configures AutoScanner.
Hi-Tech technology : AutoScanner uses Applied Research Associates latest technologies and cutting edge methodologies.
AutoScanner uses the latest, most cutting edge technologies, and yet ts Windows-based software is still user friendly.
Eliminates the hassles of using plaster of paris and generates accurate prosthetic shape images.
AutoScanner generated aop 3-D prosthetic images are compatible with Infinity's modification software and AutoCarver.
Infinity CAD Systems has a complete line of digitizers, modification software and carving CNC machines. Practitioners get a complete CAD/CAM solution from ICS along with AutoScanner.
AutoScanner is cost effective-- get additional discounts when you purchase the complete Infinity Prosthetic CAD System.

When accuracy and simplicity count.

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