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AutoSculpt prosthetic device

The first true Windows compatible P&O design software
(and more) for the Prosthetic and Orthotic business.

AutoScuplt screen shotThe latest technology in user-interfacing has been utilized to make the learning and modification process simple and straight forward; while at the same time, surpassing other packages in power and function.

Make the modification you want, not just the one your software allows.Choose the tools, views, and surfaces you want by selecting on-screen icons, not complex "pull down" menus. AutoSculpt modifies in 3-D or cross-section modes.

Make models from digitized or library stored shapes. Manage, manipulate, and print information about patients, models, components, anything you want, easily and quickly. In short, only AutoSculpt lets you do what you want to do!

AutoSculpt Features:

  • True WINDOWS¨ compatibility
  • On-screen icons to select tools, views, and surfaces
  • Extensive tools for modifications in 3D or Cross-Section modes
  • Make models from Digitized or Library images
  • Comprehensive information storage and retrieval capabilities
  • Remote control operation for training and support

AutoSculpt is a multi-purpose 3-Dimensional modeling program for prosthetic and orthotic applications. The program displays brilliant 3D images, which are viewable from any angle. An array of tools are available for model modification including, areas, curves, lengths, volumes, smoothing, profiles, models by numbers, pattern design, and a vast array of other tools designed to make work easy and enjoyable.

AutoSculpt will also import any data files that adhere to the AAOP format. Using AutoSculpt, the practitioner can modify the model with the extensive tools in the software that are specifically developed for prosthetic and orthotic type modifications (click on image for larger view).

AutoSculpt's curve function allows for highly complex curves to be created that are not found in the other CAD software on the market. The Pattern tool lets the practitioner save their socket designs so they can be applied from model to model, thus eliminating the need to redo repetitive modifications. The size and shape of the modifications are automatically adjusted from model to model, and other facilities are available for refinement.

When accuracy and simplicity count.

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