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Customer Support

Wherever you are, our customer support service is on hand to help with: software set-up and configuration, map file downloads, and software training. We also propose additional technical support and services.

Customers may contact ICS Customer Support via telephone, electronic mail, web chat, FAX, or regular postal mail.

Currently, the majority of our customers submit technical support issues by email. Customer calls are routed to the appropriate Support Representatives within ICS based on the type of question and the product. Telephone calls are answered on first-come-first-serve basis. When a customer submits a technical support issue via electronic medium (electronic mail, web chat) the Support Representative will contact the customer directly through the medium used by the customer. All customer issues are recorded in our customer relationship management system and the Support Representative is responsible for assigning a priority to each customer issue.

The Support Representative is also responsible for maintaining accurate work notes on the customer's issue, including any associated details, duplication steps and the solution. Our goal is to resolve our customers' technical support issues on the first contact, regardless of the contact method used. If the issue is not resolved on the first contact, the Support Representative is responsible for performing the necessary steps to resolve the issue. This may include more in-depth research, such as testing, involving a higher level support representative and, in some cases, involving our Development Staff, if a software fix is required. The Support Representative is responsible for maintaining contact with the customer so that the customer is always aware of the issue's status.

When accuracy and simplicity count.

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